High Court notice to send to Telangana Govt by Hyderabad on the gold offerings!

High Court notice to send to Telangana Govt by Hyderabad on the gold offerings!

Exclusive news:  the High Court of Hyderabad has issued a legal notice on Tuesday i.e. March 14th 2017 to the Telangana State Government on a PIL seeking basis that declares that the Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is issuing the public money to fulfill his personal vows and this stands illegal. The PIL were admitted in front of the division bench comprising acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice Shameem Akhter. Great post to read about The Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary were asked by the social activists Kanchi ilaiah and G. Ramulu to endowments departments to file the counter affidavits. The details of the same were also asked to be made by the state government. The Endowments departments of the state have already issued two GOs on Feb 24th 2017 and the same was brought into the notice by the petitioners. An amount of RS 5 crore offerings was also made from the Common Good Fund- CGF.

CM cannot use the CGF funds for his personal vows!

The CM cannot use the CGF funds for their personal vows and if someone does so, then it is illegal to act sys the senior counsel appearing for the petitioners, Satya Prasad. The act goes against the Constitution and also the contract to the principle of a secular state adds Prasad. On the other side, when the total bench of the happening was sought out to know in detail about the CGF funds, the council took the step ahead and explained that the fund is meant to meet the salaries of the Archaks and expenses of the daily prayers of the temples.

Proving it to be illegal, the Hyderabad High Court has sent a legal notice to the Telangana Government and the bench was adjourned the case for more four weeks after directing the respondents to file their affidavits. A detailed process to get the information about the CGF funds is also relayed on. We will shortly update you with the upcoming posts and information. Stay connected.

More than 10 sites to create a temporary email

Surely you ever need to have a temporary or junk mail to make a record in which you did not want to use your own email, so I think it is to know some of the sites that offer this possibility, in this case, we will visit about 25 different sites that offer us this possibility.

Among them, we will see the classic 10 minute email or remember a small tip like “Register to a website without giving your email” in which we will see why we should use it and how.

  • 10 Minute Mail (com): We are offered an email with a default duration of 10 minutes, but this time can be extended if we wish.
  • 10 Minute Mail (net): It has a design almost identical to the previous one but with numerous improvements, such as SSL use, an extension of up to 100 minutes of life for email and allows you to change your email address with just one click.
  • Air Mail: In this case, we are provided with a temporary email that lasts a maximum of 24 hours and is associated with your IP, so you can leave and return 5 hours later to check the received mail when it ends its life period it disappears.
  • Maildrop.cc: It allows you to create a personalized email, which the previous ones create randomly, you can create several email accounts and manage them easily.
  • Mailinator: From this website, we can create personalized emails, but it has the disadvantage that these are not destroyed and anyone can access them if they know since you wrote it.
  • Harakirimail: It has an SSL certificate, they assign you a random email, but you can request a personal one.
  • Dispostable: As in the previous case, they offer you the same services except for the security guarantee of SSL.
  • YOPmail: Another one more similar to the previous case and with the same disadvantages, but with a much simpler and more intuitive handling.
  • Guerrilla Mail: As in the other cases, it offers random and personalized email, but with the option of changing the domain of creation and other additional tools.
  • Spamgourmet: Similar to the previous cases, but it forces you to register for your service to be able to use it.
  • TrashMail.com: This website allows us to create a personalized email in both name and domain, the option to add a forwards mail and a date of life that goes from 1 day to 2 weeks.
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  • Instant Email Address: A creator of minimalist temporary emails, very few options but obvious to use.
  • 33Mail: It allows us to create temporary emails, but in exchange for it we must register in your service, if we do not we will not be able to access this option.
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