We’re getting into the swing of things here this summer and looking forward to a photo trip to Maine with our 30-foot sailboat for a few weeks. Assignments have kept us closer to home   this early summer, but we’re happy to have the work to supplement our stock photography. Upgrades to the computer and software programs have kept Paul busy with tutorials when in the office. We’ve switched out the rotating images with some of Paul’s more recent photographs, as well as some older images that he’s just reprocessed.
Paul Rezendes’ lifelong love of nature is the inspiration for his compelling and transcendent images of North America’s wild, rural, and coastal habitats. With 30 years of experience, Paul’s high-quality fine art photographs have appeared in hundreds of calendars, magazines, posters, catalogues, postcards and books, as well as brochures and promotional materials for corporate and commercial accounts in the US and abroad.