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We’ve pretty much stayed close to home this winter except for a few solo trips that Paul did in search of snow. Despite the bang in the beginning of the season, with two-plus feet of snow in December, much of the winter has delivered precipitation in the form of rain and sleet/ice which didn’t last in the trees very long. This lack of great photo opportunities did allow for time to catch up with the backlog of images that needed to be processed, so that is the silver lining for us this year. You can see some of those images in the sliding photo gallery above, as well as clicking on the Paul’s Favorites link in the menu bar. They include images from our trip to Texas and Oklahoma in the spring of 2019 and a few different trips to the Maine Coast this past summer, along with some real beauties from our close-to-home favorite venues. We are still working on our more recent fall images, and will upload them as soon as we can. Looking forward, we are up for more adventures in the coming months, beginning with a trip south at the end of March into April. Paul continues to enjoy photographing with his drone cameras, which have increased his productivity exponentially since the drones allow him to access locations he otherwise would be unable to reach. We’re happy to see the resulting images getting into circulation and to see our clients responding very positively to the new perspectives these photos provide. Happy Spring to all!
Paul Rezendes’ lifelong love of nature is the inspiration for his compelling and transcendent images of North America’s wild, rural, and coastal habitats. With over 35 years of experience, Paul’s high-quality fine art photographs have appeared in hundreds of calendars, magazines, posters, catalogues, postcards and books, as well as brochures and promotional materials for corporate and commercial accounts in the US and abroad.