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We’ve had a busy summer, as usual, and our local forests are hinting to us that fall is definitely on its way. We’re looking forward to our annual foliage photo trips, starting in northern New England and working our way south. Each year seems to be more of a challenge than the previous year in figuring out where to be when, but we do our best and are usually rewarded with at least a few good shots. Paul continues to employ his “flying cameras” with his drones whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. Our hope is to further diversify our stock photography with a very different and new perspective, as well as explore new photo possibilities that the drones have to offer. It’s also quite exciting to visit some of our favorite places and see what else there is to see from an aerial perspective. Please take a moment to check out some of Paul’s latest drone photos among the rotating images above or at this link if you’d like to see more!
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Paul Rezendes’ lifelong love of nature is the inspiration for his compelling and transcendent images of North America’s wild, rural, and coastal habitats. With 35 years of experience, Paul’s high-quality fine art photographs have appeared in hundreds of calendars, magazines, posters, catalogues, postcards and books, as well as brochures and promotional materials for corporate and commercial accounts in the US and abroad.